How to Make Wine Bottle Lights

Glass block give you a chance to use your Christmas lights in a whole new way. You can buy these glass blocks at almost any home improvement store in varying sizes and shapes. You might even find glass blocks with a hole already cut out which makes converting them to decorations so much easier, just insert your Christmas craft lights.

Of course you can find them without the hole already drilled and you can simply drill your own hole into the block, but be sure to use safety goggles and gloves for your protection and drill with care. You might be surprised how little force it takes to drill into one of these decorative glass blocks. After you have drilled your hole you are ready to insert your craft lights.

Glass blocks come in several shapes and sizes and they have extra room for you play with and decorate. Even try to decorate the outside of your blocks. You can decorate them for any holiday, party or other special occasion. After you decorate the glass block and insert your Christmas lights and watch as the lights shine through and creates so many beautiful effects, they can even look like crystal or ice. Since these blocks are so sturdy in design they can be used almost anywhere. Use them lining a walkway outside or use them as a table or wall.

Try experimenting with different decorating styles. Such as using glitter or some beautiful sheer fabric, this can give some stunning combinations. Some of you might even consider using different color craft lights to go with a specific theme or color scheme.

Items You Need:

  • Safety Glasses and Gloves
  • Drill
  • 1/2 Inch Diamond Drill Bit
  • Craft Light String (20 Mini Light or 35 Mini Light Set)
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Lubricant (WD-40/Cooking Spray)
  • Glass Block

Steps on Creating Your Lighted Wine Bottle Craft:

  • Cleaning your glass block. Wipe down you glass block with glass cleaner to make sure it is free of labels or sticky residue.
  • Decide where to drill. Pick a spot on the bottom of your glass block, close to the seam. Do not drill directly on the seam, this could cause the block to crack.
  • Prepare to drill. Get out your lubricant of choice and spray a generous amount onto the spot you have chosen to drill on glass block. Put on your safety glass and gloves. Glass blocks can be very brittle and when you drill into some like a glass block, you run the risk of it shattering and injuring yourself. Please work slowly and with much care.
  • Drilling the hole. Put your 1/2 inch drill bit into your drill. Start the drill and gently press down on your glass block. Do not force the drill bit through the glass, allow it to do its work. Drilling can take some time, try to be patient. Continue to apply slight downward pressure until you are sure that it has drilled all the through your glass block.
  • Check for cracks. If you see any cracks in your glass block, then you have to discard it. If you do not see any cracks, then you need to glean the outside with a little glass cleaner. Be sure you remove any little bits of glass.
  • Add craft lights.The type of craft lights you use is a matter of personal preference. I would recommend using a 20 mini light or 35 mini light set with no end connector. These are usually the best choice because you don't want to overload your glass block craft with too many mini lights or too much wire. Insert the first bulb on the craft light string through the hole you have drilled into your glass block. Continue to feed your lights through the hole until all lights are inside the bottle. Be careful to not nick the cord on the glass opening. Once you've gotten your lights inside the glass block, plug in your craft light string. Use a metal coat hanger or crochet hook to situate your bulbs where you would like them.
  • Decorate your glass block. Decorating your lighted glass block is all up to you. A lot of people use wired ribbon to make it look like a gift, or paint a scene on the top of it. The options are endless when it comes to decorations for your lighted glass block craft.