About Us

Craft Christmas Lights is the newest web store from Creative Lighting LLC. We are a family business that's been selling Christmas lights online for over 20 years and everyone in our office has hands on experience with all of the products we sell. When the popularity of Craft light strings began to explode we decided to make a site that is focused on light strings and supplies for the craft community. Craft Christmas Lights carries all the best craft lights strings in all colors and bulb counts, our LED craft lights give you all the benefits of the small mini light strings but with the added long life and low power consumption of LEDs, apart from craft specific light strings we also carry a variety of mini lights, candles, supplies and more.

We hope that if you need just a few strings or a pallet of cases of lights Craft Christmas Lights.com will be your choice for your craft hobby or business. We offer bulk discounts on almost all products and if you have any questions contact us or feel free to give us a call!